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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flooding in Tennessee Possibly Worse Than Oil Spill

Flooding last week in Nashville, TN threatened one of country music's most famous cities, bringing widespread disaster and death to at least 23 people.  Aside from the loss in life, the greatest concern has been over the damage to the cultural center of Nashville, known for its live country music which plays in bars and restaurants nightly.  The floods have caused extreme damage to these areas, wiping out not only memories but also part of Tennessee's identify.  Luckily, the famous Grand Ole Opry House has been preserved.  We can only hope that with time much of this unique culture can be preserved and that assistance can come to the community as soon as possible.

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Oil Spill Rages on Gulf Coast

For the past few weeks, the major headline in United States news has been the leak of an oil tanker in the Gulf Coast off the shores of Louisiana.  The oil rig, owned by BP, had an undisclosed explosion and has been leaking oil our of a blown well deep on the ocean floor.  It has already begun affecting marine life and the local industry, and things are not getting sunnier anytime soon.  While there have been many attempts to fix the leaking well, the most recent attempt of a dome to cover the well has failed.  It seems the next solution is to throw garbage at the oil well to clog the leak until it can be fixed.  Needless to say, this is a job that not even your local garbageman wants to try to clean up.

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