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US Culture

US Culture is heavily based in entertainment and technology.  As a very well developed nation, the US prides itself in being a major world power, excelling at many things, including sports, entertainment, and the latest in new technology.

The US has four main sports, although dozens of sports are found readily throughout the nation daily.  The major pro sports which the US competes in are Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.  Each of these sports has a major league, and over 30 teams compete in each league.  Also many colleges and high schools offer these sports and more to their students, and fans.

Arguably, the most popular of these sports is football, as the Super Bowl prides itself on being the most popular sporting event of the year.  Commercial ads run into the millions of dollars just to get a 30 second time spot during this event.  Additionally, millions of viewers tune into the weekly college football rivalries and most football fans have an opinion one way or the other about the BCS.

Opponents of football would argue that baseball, however, is and will always be America's pastime.  This sport has been around longer than any of the above, and was one of the reasons that the United States became so popular at the turn of the century, as many nations began to follow this sport after a group of American teams toured the world to showcase it's pastime.

Oftentimes, sports stars transcend the game and become major celebrities in the United States as well.  Players such as Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, Drew Brees and Emmitt Smith have become household names, both with positive and negative results.  As of late, the performance enhancing drug scandals have rocked most of the major sports, bringing loyalties and love for the game into question.